Quest for the perfect vegan burger

Vegan burger patties and salad

Burgers are always a great meal, but vegan versions can be a bit bland.
The store bought ones always seem over processed.

My first shot at homemade vegan burger patties was last year while we we travelling on the boat in Netherlands. See this post.

As good a…

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Tofu and Stir Frys

Spicy Eggplant and Tofu Stir-fry

We were visiting a friend of Karen’s the other day, and guess what? – Discussing healthy eating!
The usual comment – that it is difficult to know how to eat healthily, particularly when you come home from work and need to knock up a

So yes – you resort to …

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Smoked Tempeh Bacon

Smoked Tempeh Bacon

Smoked Tempeh ‘Bacon’

Last week I used smoked tempeh ‘bacon’ in the stir fry recipe, and here is the promised tempeh smoking recipe.

But before I do that, there is one aspect I must touch on –

Carnivores often ask why us vegetarian/vegans keep making ‘meat look-alike’ dishes.

On the one hand, they are right and it is pointless.

Tempeh rounds, sliced

On the other hand, we eat with our eyes and minds as well as our mouths,
and also what better way to convince carnivores that it is not necessary to use animal products to create tasty and healthy meals.

Having got that off my chest, on to smoked tempeh.

By the way, tempeh is basically fermented, cooked soy beans.

You can make your own tempeh, but it is much more readily available at health shops these days.
I used 2 store bought rounds of tempeh.

Ingredients for smoking

So, ingredients:

2 rounds tempeh
1 T maple syrup
1 T tamari
1 t apple cider vinegar
large pinch smoked paprika
pinch smoked salt

and method:

1 – Slice the tempeh as in the picture
2 – Mix all other ingredients to make a marinade in a large bowl
3 – Put the tempeh slices in the marinade, ensure all pieces are well coated, and leave to marinade  for several hours, or overnight.
4 – Remove the slices and smoke in either hot or cold smoker. (I use the cold smoking gun – see this post on using the smoking gun

Serve up however you want – in a stir fry, in a salad, in a burger, etc etc….

Final product – smoked tempeh

One big word of caution – re the salt. In this batch, I was a bit too heavy handed with the smoked salt. I was concentrating on the smokey aspect, and rather forgot the saltiness. And remember, tamari is pretty salty on its own.
Rather use more smoked paprika, or cold smoke for longer.

The above ingredients a rather a guideline, and you can adapt to your taste.
For example if you want a sweeter result, up the maple syrup a bit.

Anyway – enjoy experimenting, and the result.
Bon apetit.

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Fritata and green salad

Fritata ingredients

Karen and I are putting together a website of the same name as this blog – Meat Free Everyday.
At the beginning, I wondered if there was room for yet another site about food and recipes.
But over the last few weeks I have been amazed at the number of people who do not seem t…

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The Vegetarian 'look-alike' meal

Vegetarian Stroganoff

Living with a vegetarian, and having a few hardcore vegetarian friends, I have seen there is quite a difference of opinion on this topic.

From what I can gather, the ‘purist’ vegetarian will only eat his food straight out the ground, or from the tree so to speak.
He d…

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Raw and vegan Ice-kreem

Delicious Ice-creems – raw and dairy free – and healthy

Banana cashew nut ice-creem

Another of my favourite concepts is the raw vegan ice-kreem, or whip.

These are so easy to make as they usually have only one or two (probably three at the most) ingredients.

For some of them, you might ha…

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Eating aboard - Salads

Karen’s raw veg salad

When eating out, vegetarians or vegans are very often offered a boring old salad as their only option.

But salads don’t have to be boring, They can be fun, colourful, tasty and healthy as well.

Karen loves making salads and comes up with the most amazing ones.

Here are…

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Raw and vegan - more with the dehydrater - beetroot toast

Raw and vegan – more with the dehydrater – beetroot toast

Dehydrated vegetable powders

As promised in last week’s dehydrating post, the outcome of my dehydrating sessions –


1 bag spinach
3 beetroot
5 carrots and
3 large red peppers which I dehydrated in the next session,

Jars of v…

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Vegetable Strudel with Boiled Baby Potatoes and Hollandaise Sauce

I have semi taken over Patrick’s Meat Free Everyday blog until he has more time to himself. We’re hoping that closer to the end of the year when his work contract expires he will have more time to cook, write and post.

Vegetable Strudel with Boiled Baby Potatoes and Hollandaise Sauce

This recipe…

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Raw pasta and spiralizers

Spiralized salads and pasta

As any regular reader will know, we are a bit into raw.

A while ago I did a post on the ”Raw Kitchen” in which there is a spiralizer.
(see this post)

A wonderful device, but a bit of a mission to get out and set up.

Mini Spiralizer

Recently we were at …

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Fat-free veganaise

 Back home again. First - a very happy New Year to all out there. Second - I must (again) apologise for not posting for ages! 2016 ended up as a year with much work and travelling, and subsequently very little blogging. However, I am now back in our lovely kitchen in...

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Travelling vegan

  Sometimes it's hard to be vegan! I must apologize for not posting for ages! I seem to spend a lot of time travelling or working and not being anywhere near a kitchen. At the moment I am in Azerbaijan, in Baku, working. Not the touristy nice bit of Baku! The...

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Raw vegan chocolate

Raw vegan chocolate

Being vegan certainly does not mean giving up chocolate! In fact raw vegan chocolate is more delicious than if made with dairy. Well I think so anyway. And this homemade vegan chocolate is very easy to make.   We served these chocolates after the meal with the...

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Vegan Quiche

Vegan Quiche

Vegan Quiche So here is our recipe for the courgette vegan quiche that we served as a main course for the first run of our vegan underground restaurant. See the last post.   We had been trying to make a good vegan quiche for a while. Some (non vegan) friends...

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Vegan underground restaurant

Vegan underground restaurant

Karen and I have always dreamed of hosting a vegan underground restaurant in our home. Where did this daft idea come from then? Long before we discovered raw and vegan food, we always enjoyed having dinner parties at home and entertaining with food. I just love being...

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Raspberry cheezecake – Raw and vegan

Raspberry cheezecake – Raw and vegan

Raspberry cheezecake - Raw and vegan Karen found this Raspberry Cheezcake recipe in a recent local Good Housekeeping magazine. It is so encouraging to find more and more vegan food available, as well as vegan recipes in all sorts of lifestyle magazines. In fact this...

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Chocolate Brownies – Raw and Vegan

Chocolate Brownies – Raw and Vegan

Chocolate Brownies - Raw and Vegan Any regular reader will probably know I am rather fond of the tasty raw tarts and cheezecakes that can be made. Chocolate Brownies are another delicious dessert that can be raw and vegan. Karen and I have tried a few other recipes,...

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Raw vegan cheezecake

Raw vegan cheezecake

One of my favourite discoveries in raw food are the absolutely amazing raw vegan cheezecakes or tarts. Everybody seems to love them, so here is the easiest one to make - Pineapple Cheezecake. The original recipe is from Natalie and Noel's "Easy Living Food" recipe...

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Green Juice

Green Juice

Raw Green Juice: There is nothing like starting the day with a fresh healthy Green Juice, so I thought it appropriate to start off my 2016 blogs with a green juice mixture. It's also a fresh start from another aspect - I have just changed my blog platform over to...

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