Coconut icecreem with apple tart

Coconut ice-creem with apple tart

As promised, here is my recipe for coconut-banana vegan ice-creem. I would love to call it a fool-proof recipe, but I have tried out many so-called fool-proof ones that actually don’t work.

So I will just say it is the first successful vegan ice-creem I’ve managed to make.

My ingredients:

1 (400ml) tin coconut milk (NOT the Lite version)
150 ml soy milk
1 T coconut oil
40 ml agave nectar
50 grms dessicated coconut
50 grms brown sugar
1 large banana

What to do:

It will help if the tin coconut milk abd soy milk are refrigerated before you start.
Lightly grind the dessicated coconut and the sugar in a spice of coffee grinder till they are finer.
Put all the ingredients in a blender and whizz till smooth.
Put the mixture in the fridge to chill – must be at 10 deg C or less.
Then pour the mixture into an ice-creaam maker, being sure to follow the instructions for your particular machine to the letter.
We have the Magi-Mix one.

Once complete, pour into a freezer tub, or into small individual moulds as I did (see picture) and keep in freezer.
This mix made about 10 of those little ones.

Some notes:

1 – Coconut oil has the wonderful property that it can melt and resolidify without seeming to affect it, which is I suppose why this icecreem works.
Take it out the freezer a short while before serving and it will become scoopable again.

2 – If you don’t have an ice-creem maker, I imagine you could do as many recipes seem to do – after blending, pour into a freezer tub, and then just freeze but re- stirring every hour or so to prevent ice crystals building up.

3 – If you do have ice-creem that has gone crystally, one can simply break it up and run the peices through a masticating juicer, which will get rid of the ice crystals.

Chocolate Mousse - Vegan

Chocolate Mousse – Vegan

Meanwhile, Karen and I have hosted our first proper pop-up dining event, which went off very well. Check out our Green & Vegan FB page.
Both the vegan sushi and chocolate mousse were hits! next I will give you the chocolate mousse recipe.

Vegan Sushi

Vegan Sushi

Bon Apetit!

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