Chickpea Cutlets

Vegan chickpea cutlets

Having had such success with our Vegan Ham at Xmas, we wanted to find a quick and easy vegan meal with that ‘meatiness’ which would appeal to our carnivore friends.

Karen came across this chickpea cutlet recipe which we tested.

They were indeed quick and easy, quite tast…

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Who needs cheese!

Who needs cheese!

Cheeseless snacks

It seems getting over cheese is the hardest part of going vegan.

Here are a couple of examples of quick and easy cheeseless snacks to get you through the day.

In this picture is vegan creem cheeze on beetroot toast, humus on onion bread and guacamole on onion bread.

The spreads are quick and easy to make, with the recipes coming up in the next few posts, or you could use the store-bought versions.

The onion bread and beetroot toast does require a bit of preparation ahead of time, but you could just as well use your favourite vegan bread or other vegan cracker biscuits.

If you are getting more deeply into raw and have a dehydrator, see one of my previous posts for the onion bread recipe and go to Deliciously Raw for the beetroot toast recipe.

Bon apetit.


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Fat-free veganaise

Back home again.

First – a very happy New Year to all out there.
Second – I must (again) apologise for not posting for ages! 2016 ended up as a year with much work and travelling, and subsequently very little blogging.
However, I am now back in our lovely kitchen in Cape Town.
During last year we visited London VegFest London Vegfest again. It was just fantastic to see so many people enjoying plant based food.
And I was thrilled at the amount of vegan products that are becoming available.
I am also delighted by the selection of vegan, or at least vegan friendly restaurants and eateries springing up around the world.
We even managed to find a few in France!
Read about our travels in my other blog – Waterway Wanderer.

Going Fat Free

Along with eating vegan and healthily, at the moment we are going through a phase of trying to reduce the fat levels in our food.
We have made a tasty and decadent veganaise before, but it did use a lot of oil!
I have just tried this fat free veganaise which uses silken tofu, and it is pretty good. Also very easy.
Found it on a website called Cooking with Plants. Thanks to them for the idea. I have added a few tweaks of my own though.
My version of the recipe:


1 Block silken tofu (279g)
1 T lemon juice
1 T apple cider vinegar
2 t Dijon mustard
1/2 T coconut blossom sugar
1 Stevia tablet, crushed
1 t sea salt
1/4 t crushed black pepper


Put the whole lot in a blender and whizz up for about a minute. You will need to stop a couple of times and use your spatula to push the mixture down from the sides of the blender jug.
If you want ti thin it down a bit, you could add a drop of soy milk while blending.
Pour the mixture into a jar.
Note it is adviseable to sterilize the jar and lid in boiling water first.

A note on blenders –

My favourite machine is the Blendtec.
I like it mainly because of the Twister Jar accessory. This is ideal for smaller quantities such as this veganaise.
Also, it has a very powerful motor, comes with an additional larger jug, and a well designed spatula that seems to get everythingout of the jug!
Bon Apetit!


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Fat-Free Veganaise

Vegan underground restaurant

Karen and I have always dreamed of hosting a vegan underground restaurant in our home.

Where did this daft idea come from then?

Long before we discovered raw and vegan food, we always enjoyed having dinner parties at home and entertaining with food.
I just love being in the kitchen making things.
Several years ago we read about all types of ‘supper clubs’, ‘pop-up’ or ‘underground’ restaurants springing up all over the world.
They all seemed to be very popular and doing well.

Since becoming vegan, and about 60% raw, the idea has grown, mainly because we would like to show both vegans and carnivores that you can have vegan/raw food that is
delicious, visually appealing and healthy.

But because we travel a lot and seem to have a lot on the go, it has just been all talk!
About six weeks ago, a friend of ours put us on the spot! He had mentioned this concept to some of his friends, who were very keen and wanted to know when it was

So a date was set. We were as nervous as anything.

It is one thing making food for friends – another doing it for some sort of remuneration.

Thus ‘Green and Vegan’ – our vegan underground restaurant was born. And the trial run was, I think, very succesful.

The menu for the vegan underground restaurant evening:

Welcome drink (with/without alcohol)
Starter – Beetroot toast, nut cheeze, with seaweed caviar and vegan ‘smoked salmon’
Main – Vegan quiche with assorted salads
Dessert – Blueberry Vanilla Cheezecake and/or Chocolate Mocca Torte
Afters – Coffee/tea with homemade ginger cookies and homemade raw vegan chocolates









The only food that was store-bought was the seaweed caviar.

The recipes for the other things are either elsewhere on this blog, or will be soon.

When the next one will be, I am not sure, as I am about to go offshore to work for a while.
Another thing – we have to reconsider our pricing. Our guests felt we were far too conservative in the amount we asked.
So some thought needed there.
But we are thrilled that the evening went of well and are looking forward to doing it again, and more regularly.


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Quiche and salads

Friends for supper

Ricotta rissoles and salads

Entertaining again last night – and a number of tricky people to feed.
1 wheat intolerant and fussy eater, 1 on diet, 1 vegetarian and a couple of runners who always want to eat healthily.
A chance for me to experiment a bit, and for Karen to use one of her latest ga…

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Raw vegan ice-creem and chocolate sauce

Raw vegan ice-creem and chocolate sauce

The dessert for our second raw dinner party was raw vegan ice-creem and chocolate sauce. Served up with a small slice of classic cheezecake from the first evening.

When we attended the Raw Food Seminar (see this post), we received a set of DVDs in which P…

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Veggie burger with mushroom gravy, mashed cabbage and swede served with a celery and cranberry salad

I’m still sharing our recipes and meals on Patrick’s blog. Patrick started this blog when he met me because he got so tired of being asked what vegetarians eat. And since we try to eat low carb vegetarian food, he decided to start a blog to share our meals.

Vegetarian food gets a bad rap ma…

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Low Carb Irish Soda Bread

Low Carb Irish Soda Bread my flour at left and Atkins flour at right

I have made Colette Heimowitz – Atkins – low carb bread – see here – and here – so many times now. It’s great bread. Two slices for breakfast with peanut butter or a slice of cheese and I’m full for hours. The tex…

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Accidental Mousse - Chocolate Mousse - Raw and Vegan

Raw vegan Chocolate Mousse

In my last post I mentioned the Raw Food recipe book ‘Easy Living Food’.

Karen started out by trying the Chocolate Fudge. In her excitement the ingredients became a bit confused with those of the Energy Balls recipe which was on the opposite page!

The resu…

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Goji Tomato soup

Goji tomato soup – raw and vegan

One of the great things about entertaining with raw food is that most of the preparation can be done well in advance, or even the day before.

This means less last minute problems – all you have to do is serve up.

At our last dinner party, where we had the Choco…

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Sweetcorn Fritters

Sweetcorn Fritters

We love these tasty Thai or Indonesian bites. We have attempted to make these sweetcorn fritters numerous times, always without success. Aiming to keep things healthy, we have tried to avoid deep frying, and have used all sorts of different ingredients to make the...

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Lentil and Nut Roast

Lentil and Nut Roast

A Nut Roast is one of the go-to vegetarian main course dishes. For our recent pop-up vegan dining event (Check out our Green and Vegan FB page), we decided to do a vegan version. Over there years we have made several nut roasts but have never found a really great...

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Chocolate and Coconut Log

Chocolate and Coconut Log

There is something about chocolate! Chocolate desserts are always a hit, and this Chocolate and Coconut Log was absolutely scrumptious! We served it up with fresh raspberries at our last vegan pop-up dining event. (Check out our Green and Vegan FB page) The...

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Vegan Sushi

Vegan Sushi

Vegan sushi is something I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would make! But I did, and it worked very well. We served it as a starter at on of our pop-up dining events (check out our Green and Vegan FB page) a while back. A couple of people commented that it was...

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Chocolate mousse – vegan version

Chocolate mousse – vegan version

You can't say vegan chocolate mousse anymore without mentioning aquafaba, the new vegan egg-white replacement. Well I suppose it is not that new - been around a while, but I have only recently started working with it. Just in case you have'nt heard of it, aquafaba -...

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Coconut-Banana Vegan Ice-creem

Coconut-Banana Vegan Ice-creem

As promised, here is my recipe for coconut-banana vegan ice-creem. I would love to call it a fool-proof recipe, but I have tried out many so-called fool-proof ones that actually don't work. So I will just say it is the first successful vegan ice-creem I've managed to...

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Mini Apple Tarts – Vegan of course

Mini Apple Tarts – Vegan of course

Since getting into raw foods, and going vegan, I have not done any baking at all. Not sure why this is, but probably linked to the idea of a low-carb diet being healthy. We're not so now sure that is the case, and carbs have stated creeping back into our foods. Add to...

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White Bean Pate

White Bean Pate

Vegan Recipe Books We keep discovering new vegan recipe books. They are popping up all the time. Our latest new find is one called Vegan Bible, by Marie Laforet. I am loving it because the few recipes I have tried so far actually seem to work. And pretty well every...

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Fat-free veganaise

 Back home again. First - a very happy New Year to all out there. Second - I must (again) apologise for not posting for ages! 2016 ended up as a year with much work and travelling, and subsequently very little blogging. However, I am now back in our lovely kitchen in...

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Travelling vegan

  Sometimes it's hard to be vegan! I must apologize for not posting for ages! I seem to spend a lot of time travelling or working and not being anywhere near a kitchen. At the moment I am in Azerbaijan, in Baku, working. Not the touristy nice bit of Baku! The...

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