Scrambled Tofu

Scrambled Tofu with salad

Back home in Cape Town now, and back to eating healthily again.

Karen, my vegetarian wife, loves buying cook books, and yesterday came home with one called ‘Yummidy’ – Not only meatless, but low carb as well.

We have been trying to follow a low carb diet …

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Tasty leftovers

Paneer with carrots and corn

We simply hate wasting or throwing out food. Off on our travels again, and needed to use up a few things in the fridge: A block of paneer, some carrots and some corn. I remembered the Mutter Paneer recipe I did a while ago. This used green peas, but why not carrots a…

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Trail Mix - great healthy snacking

Healthy snack – make your own Trail Mix

Trail mix

One of my latest discoveries since going a bit raw is the trail mix.

You can buy it ready made, but I prefer to make up my own.

We recently did a 3 day hike and I took some of this along.

It is really tasty, and being full of healthy nutrient-…

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Chickpea Cinnamon Blondies

Who would have thought of using beans in a dessert? Seems like lots of people. Anyway – it was a first for me, and turned out really well.
I am busy doing an on line cooking course and needed to make two completely diffenrent dishes using the same type of bean. I made a savoury chickpea and coriander pate for the one, and then these blondies!
I found quite a few similar but different recipes on the web, each with it’s own twist. I ended up using my version of one from “veggieinspired”.

I also had to adapt it for quantities to the size of my baking tin which is a 9 x 9 inch (23 x 23 cm ).

My ingredients:

2 C cooked and drained chickpeas (or canned chickpeas)
2/3 C peanut butter (or any nut butter)
1/3 C oats
3/4 C organic unrefined brown sugar
1/3 C agave and maple syrup (I go half half due to cost of maple syrup)
2 T ground cinnamon
1 1/3 t vanilla extract
2/3 t baking powder
1/3 t baking soda
1/3 t salt

What to do:

Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C).
Line a 9 x 9 baking tin with parchment paper.
Put all ingredients into food processor nad blend till a smooth paste.
Transfer the batter into the baking tin and spread out evenly.
Bake for 30 mins (top should be firm, and sides just starting to pull away from the tin)
Remove from oven and allow to cool a while. They will firm up a bit more while cooling.
You can sprinkle with a mix of sugar and cinnamon – which I did.
Remove from tin and cut into 16 squares.

Bon Apetit.

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Chickpea cinnamon blondies

Raw and vegan Ice-kreem

Delicious Ice-creems – raw and dairy free – and healthy

Banana cashew nut ice-creem

Another of my favourite concepts is the raw vegan ice-kreem, or whip.

These are so easy to make as they usually have only one or two (probably three at the most) ingredients.

For some of them, you might ha…

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Savoury dehydrating ideas - tomatoes, mushrooms and onions

Cherry tomatoes dehydrated

Last week I showed you the dehydrated fruit snack ideas.

Here are some savoury snack ideas you can do in the dehydrator:
Cherry tomatoes, onions and button mushrooms.

Onion rings dehydrated

Make up a basic batch of marinade using about 2/3 apple cider vi…

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Crumbed mushrooms - raw and vegan

Crumbed mushrooms – raw and vegan

Crumbed mushrooms – raw and vegan

This is another delicious and oh so easy accompaniment to a main meal, inspired, naturally, by the TASTE raw food course with Deborah Durrant.

Her recipe is a slightly more spicy version.

I chose a sort of Mediterranean flavour.

Choice of spices is yours.

The bread-crumb mixture


6 to 8 Porto Bello mushrooms, wiped and halved
olive oil
lemon juice

1 C ground flax seeds (brown or golden)
1 T dried oregano
1 T dried rosemary
1 T dried sage
1/2 t ground black pepper
pinch salt


1 – Toss the mushroom halves in oil and lemon juice so they are well coated and leave to marinate for an hour.
2 – Mix the ground flax seeds with all the spices so it looks rather like breadcrumbs.
3 – Coat the mushrooms with the crumbs
4 – Dehydrate for 3 to 4 hours.

I found that these taste great while still warm and straight out the dehydrator.

Bon apetit.

Check out Deborah’s website at Deliciously Raw for more great raw food ideas and recipes.

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Asparagus and pea stir fry with parsnip mash and veggie burgers

Asparagus and pea stir fry with parsnip mash and veggie burgers

This is one of our combined effort cooking sessions using standard British ingredients such as peas, baked beans, asparagus, parsnips and cheddar cheese.

Baked beans and a stir fry don’t sound like a great combo, but tha…

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Chilled cucumber-mint soup with a basil pistou

We are back in the thick of doing vegan pop-up dining events at our house – every second Saturday. Haviving to make and serve up a four course meal for up to 12 people, we have found doing a chilled soup is a great starter – easy to prepare well before hand and can be plated just a touch ahead of time.
The inspiration for this dish came from Raw and Simple by Judita Wignall. Hers was a cucumber basil soup, but we opted to make it a cucumber mint soup, and add the basil pistou for extra flavour and also decoration.
The other thing we changed out was the cashew nuts. Most raw dishes seem to be based on nuts, and as we hwould be serving nut based dessert and nut based vegan cheezes, we thought more nuts in the soup would be too much.
So we used an oat creem instead. I’ll show you the oat creem in the next post.

So for the soup –


2 fresh cucumbers, peeled and chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/2 C fresh mint leaves
1/2 t cayenne pepper
1 C oat creem
3 T lemon juice
1 t salt

What to do:

Simply put all ingredients in a high speed blender and whizz till smooth and creemy.

Taste and add more salt if necessary. Pour into a jug and chill.


The quantities above make about 1,2 to 1,3 L of oat creem.

We served up garnished with a drizzle of oat creem, some basil pistou and an edible flower.
Check out our Green and Vegan FB page for pics of our latest events.

Re the basil pistou – a pistou is rather like a pesto without the parmesan cheese or pine nuts. I’ll also give that recipe next time.

Bon apetit.

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Chilled cucumber soup with basil pistou and oat creem garnish

Courgette Mash with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Courgette Mash with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Been having loads of fun in the kitchen, trying out more of Johan and Len’s recipes from their book ‘Once upon a Chicken Pie’.

Just to set your mind at rest – I know this isnt a vegetarian recipe book, but three quarters of the recipes are fully veg…

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Chickpea Cinnamon Blondies

Chickpea Cinnamon Blondies

Who would have thought of using beans in a dessert? Seems like lots of people. Anyway - it was a first for me, and turned out really well. I am busy doing an on line cooking course and needed to make two completely diffenrent dishes using the same type of bean. I made...

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Homemade Tomato Sauce

Homemade Tomato Sauce

There's something quite satisfying about making your own tomato sauce. And this one is delicious and oh so simple. Thanks to Jamie Oliver's "Jamie at Home" video series for the inspiration. Ingredients: 5 ripe tomatoes 2 T white wine vinegar Pinch salt 1 t smoked salt...

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Carrot Lox (Vegan “Smoked Salmon”)

Carrot Lox (Vegan “Smoked Salmon”)

Way back in 2014 I this post featuring my version of a vegan "smoked salmon". I would like to think I sort of invented this - but probably not. Now, since we have been doing our vegan pop-up dining, featuring vegan sushi, I have improved it a lot.. Here is my updated...

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Sweetcorn Chowder

Sweetcorn Chowder

When we decided to make this sweetcorn chowder as a starter for our pop up dining event, (check out our Green & Vegan FB page) we originally opted for a raw recipe. When we tested it, yes it was tasty, but to be honest - tasted - raw! So we changed tack completely,...

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Vegan Creme Brulee

Vegan Creme Brulee

Vegan Creme Brulee is something I have been wanting to make for ages! I went out and bought a chef type 'blow torch' to add to all the other kitchen gadgets we already have. But I think I will use it quite a bit. Apparently one can also use it to skin tomatoes and...

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Tomato Consomme

This very tasty Tomato Consomme is thanks to Jamie Oliver's "Taste" video series. We made and served it at our latest pop-up vegan dining event last Saturday, and it seemed to go down a treat. Check out our Green & Vegan FB page Ingredients: 5 or 6 ripe large tomatoes...

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Basil Pistou and Oat Creem

Basil Pistou and Oat Creem

These were the two extras I used in the cucunber mint soup in the last post. As promised, here are the recipes. Both very quick and easy. Basil Pistou - Ingredients: 2 C fresh basil, loosely packed 4 cloves garlic, minced (use only 2 if they are the very large cloves)...

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Melktert – Vegan

Melktert – Vegan

A momentary break from the French slant - but don't worry, there will be more of that influence to come. With our pop-up ding in Cape Town, we have also been trying traditional South African dishes. So here is a vegan Melktert. Recipe came courtesy of Plant...

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