Eating aboard - Salads

Karen’s raw veg salad

When eating out, vegetarians or vegans are very often offered a boring old salad as their only option.

But salads don’t have to be boring, They can be fun, colourful, tasty and healthy as well.

Karen loves making salads and comes up with the most amazing ones.

Here are…

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Raw Carrot flax cracker biscuits

Carrot flax cracker biscuits

I am beginning to sound like a stuck record, but this raw food concept is just amazing! (I usually hate that word!)

The food is not only so tasty, but extremely satisfying without leaving you feeling full or bloated.

Another of my pet hates is wasting food. The oth…

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Secret pleasures of being vegetarian!

Pumpkin fritters, gem squash and salad

NO! Whatever you are thinking – it isn’t that.

Something much more basic and down to earth:

Simply – NO GREASE!
Which means –
No greasy oven to clean.
No smelly kitchen waste bin.
The washing up is a doddle…. and…..

…….we save a fortune on washi…

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Veganaise - or egg free mayo

Veganaise – or egg free mayo

Our veganaise on our burgers from previous week

This is something we have being trying to get right for some time.

Both Karen and I have had a good few flops.

The taste is generally good, but the texture and consistency has never been right.

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Eating aboard - Healthy green smoothie

Healthy green smoothie for breakfast

Eating raw, vegan and healthy aboard is a challenge in a number of ways, but the one thing that actually makes it easier is we do not have an oven.

We have an electric hob, but to operate that we need to run a generator. So we gravitate to raw meals.

We have…

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Holland - self catering on the waterways

Kampen – Holland – Monday Market

We are always happiest self catering when we travel.
And it was no different this time while we cruised the Dutch waterways on our hired motor cruiser.

Have a look at our boating holiday in Holland
We did venture up to the towns, but more often that not, the veg…

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Quest for the perfect vegan burger

Vegan burger patties and salad

Burgers are always a great meal, but vegan versions can be a bit bland.
The store bought ones always seem over processed.

My first shot at homemade vegan burger patties was last year while we we travelling on the boat in Netherlands. See this post.

As good a…

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Tasty leftovers

Paneer with carrots and corn

We simply hate wasting or throwing out food. Off on our travels again, and needed to use up a few things in the fridge: A block of paneer, some carrots and some corn. I remembered the Mutter Paneer recipe I did a while ago. This used green peas, but why not carrots a…

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Lemon Poppy Seed Low Carb Bread

This bread is more like a rich moist cake. It’s yummy and filling. The recipe is from Colette Heimowitz Atkins Cookbook in the breakfast section.

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

My version of this bread had a few changes to accommodate our store cupboard. I didn’t have poppy seeds so I used black sesame …

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Chocolate Smoothie - raw and vegan

Chocolate Smoothie – raw and vegan

Chocolate smoothie

Smoothies and juices are rather the staple diet of a raw foodie.

I have done posts on smoothies before, but we have improved, and I decided to share
our favourite smoothies and juice over the next few posts.

Also, we had Karen’s parents s…

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Travelling vegan

  Sometimes it’s hard to be vegan! I must apologize for not posting for ages! I seem to spend a lot of time travelling or working and not being anywhere near a kitchen. At the moment I am in Azerbaijan, in Baku, working. Not the touristy nice bit of Baku!... read more
Raw vegan chocolate

Raw vegan chocolate

Being vegan certainly does not mean giving up chocolate! In fact raw vegan chocolate is more delicious than if made with dairy. Well I think so anyway. And this homemade vegan chocolate is very easy to make.   We served these chocolates after the meal with the... read more
Vegan Quiche

Vegan Quiche

Vegan Quiche So here is our recipe for the courgette vegan quiche that we served as a main course for the first run of our vegan underground restaurant. See the last post.   We had been trying to make a good vegan quiche for a while. Some (non vegan) friends... read more
Vegan underground restaurant

Vegan underground restaurant

Karen and I have always dreamed of hosting a vegan underground restaurant in our home. Where did this daft idea come from then? Long before we discovered raw and vegan food, we always enjoyed having dinner parties at home and entertaining with food. I just love being... read more
Raspberry cheezecake – Raw and vegan

Raspberry cheezecake – Raw and vegan

Raspberry cheezecake – Raw and vegan Karen found this Raspberry Cheezcake recipe in a recent local Good Housekeeping magazine. It is so encouraging to find more and more vegan food available, as well as vegan recipes in all sorts of lifestyle magazines. In fact... read more
Chocolate Brownies – Raw and Vegan

Chocolate Brownies – Raw and Vegan

Chocolate Brownies – Raw and Vegan Any regular reader will probably know I am rather fond of the tasty raw tarts and cheezecakes that can be made. Chocolate Brownies are another delicious dessert that can be raw and vegan. Karen and I have tried a few other... read more
Amazing Aloe – Great superfood

Amazing Aloe – Great superfood

Aloe is our very own local superfood here in Cape Town/South Africa.   They are hardy and easy to grow. Our one is doing wonderfully, in a pot on the patio. There are two types – the Vera and Ferox varieties. Ours is apparently Ferox. I use a couple of... read more
Raw vegan cheezecake

Raw vegan cheezecake

One of my favourite discoveries in raw food are the absolutely amazing raw vegan cheezecakes or tarts. Everybody seems to love them, so here is the easiest one to make – Pineapple Cheezecake. The original recipe is from Natalie and Noel’s “Easy... read more
Green Juice

Green Juice

Raw Green Juice: There is nothing like starting the day with a fresh healthy Green Juice, so I thought it appropriate to start off my 2016 blogs with a green juice mixture. It’s also a fresh start from another aspect – I have just changed my blog platform... read more
BLT – Vegan Version

BLT – Vegan Version

BLT – Vegan Version At last a vegan version of the BLT (Bacon lettuce and tomato) sandwich! Back at home in our wonderful kitchen at last! We have had a wonderful time travelling but making healthy food and blogging has not been easy, and I must apologize for... read more

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