Apple tarts and coconut icecreem

Apple tarts and coconut icecreem

Since getting into raw foods, and going vegan, I have not done any baking at all. Not sure why this is, but probably linked to the idea of a low-carb diet being healthy. We’re not so now sure that is the case, and carbs have stated creeping back into our foods.
Add to that the excellent recipes in my latest favourite vegan recipe book that I mentioned last week, and well there we are – vegan apple tarts.

The first time I made apple pie I used a bought pastry. This time I made these mini individual apple tarts for a dinner party for friends, and I made the pastry myself.
Getting quite adventurous for me!

There are loads of similar shortcrust pastry recipes on the web, but I more or less used the one from the Vegan Bible by Marie Laforet.

I really think you should go on line and get that book! It’s a winner.

And the filling was pretty simple too.

What you need:

About 5 apples
cinnamon sticks
lemon juice
brown sugar
shortcrust pastry (bought or make your own)
mini tart tins with removeable bases

What to do:

Core and chop the apples into smallish pieces
Put in a pot with a little water, some cloves, cinnamon sticks and sugar
Bring to boil ,and simmer gently for a while till apples cooked and soft.
Set aside to cool, and carefully remove the cloves and cinnamon.
Roll out the pastry, cut into pieces and gently press into your mini pie tins (oil the sides first)
Put some of the filling into the tins
Reroll the left over pastry and cut into thin strips and lay on the apple in a criss cross pattern, or however you choose.
Pop in a preheated oven and bake for about 20 mins at +- 200 deg C

We served these up with vegan coconut-banana ice-creem. Delicious. Went down a treat!

Coconut icecreem with apple tarts

Coconut icecreem with apple tart

Ice-creem is something else I we have been battling with, but this coconut-banana one works. Recipe for that next week. Stay tuned!

Bon apetit.

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