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Going Vegetarian? Or Vegan? – Here are some answers to many of the issues that crop up.

What is a vegetarian?

They don’t eat fish. Fish … is meat. They don’t eat chicken. Chicken … is meat. They don’t eat the occasional steak. Steak … is meat. People who eat fish, chicken and meat are NOT vegetarians. They are meat eaters.

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The unexpected vegetarian guest

What to do when a vegetarian arrives for a meal unexpectedly?
You’ve made your meal. The guests arrive on time. It’s getting off to a great start, when suddenly one of them announces they don’t eat meat.
A bit late now. What do you do? I will give you some quick fixes but first, how does this happen?

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Vegatarians and Protein

This is a huge big deal. Meat, although not the best protein source provides at least some. A human body can make carbohydrates from protein or fat. It can’t easily make all the required protein. Protein must be provided for the body.

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Dining out with a Vegetarian

A meal out is a great way to avoid cooking and doing the dishes. It’s also a perfect way to relax and socialise. What’s it like for a vegetarian? Well firstly we can only choose from about 10% of the menu at…..

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Vegetarians and Alcohol

Alcohol has been around for eons. Long before sliced bread, Toblerone and Coca Cola. Alcohol is natural and has been used in ceremonies and by ancient peoples as far back…..

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Why do people become Vegetarian?

There are two types of vegetarians. Those who choose to be vegetarain and those whose religious beliefs dictate they must be….

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Vegetarianism – How far is too far?

I must be honest I haven’t met too many people with extreme food preferences. But I would say that raw foodies and fruitarians could be challenging….

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The Vegetarians larder and freeezer

My top food cupboard and freezer staples…..

What the Vegetarian needs in their:  Vegetarian Larder and Freezer

The Low Carb Vegetarian

Low carb diets have been on a roller coaster ride and back. Once upon a time Dr Atkins had a plethora of disciples who all lost……

What do the experts say about Low Carb?:  Low Carb Vegetarians

The Vegetarians Kitchen gadgets

Karen’s top kitchen gadgets for the Vegetarian

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Cooking with tofu

Adventurous foodies who venture to cook with tofu are usually bitterly dissappointed. And I’m not surprised….

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Cooking with paneer

Paneer is a dairy protein. It’s not easily found in Western food stores, but is widely used in Indian food and curries.

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Cooking with TVP

TVP aka textured vegetable protein has been around for a long time. It’s a boon for vegetarians in that it is a wonderful low fat source of protein.

All about TVP and how you can use it:  Cooking with TVP

Cooking with seitan

You probably don’t know it but you’re already eating seitan!

What is seitan and how do you use it? Find out more:  Cooking with seitan

Cooking with agar agar

Vegetarians do not eat gelatine! It’s a byproduct of animal skins, hooves and bones. So vegetarains don’t eat jelly beans, marshmallows, trifle or any jelly based desert. I wonder how many vegetarians actually know that?

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Vegetarians and ill health

I often hear of vegetarians struggling with their health. Just the other day I was looking for a recipe book and the young lady helping me was a newish vegetarian. She was saying her hair was thinning, her nails had gone soft and she was tired all the time….

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